World Football Cup 2014.


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The World Football Cup 2014 is open to Brazil.

In less than a year, the greatest football spectacle of them all will be heading to the country that introduced the notion of the beautiful game.

The mega event will kick start from 12th June 2014 and end on 13th July 2014 at the home of the most popular team of soccer, Brazil.

For the first time in 64 years, football’s biggest event will grace Brazil’s shores and a feast of football is sure to be served up in front of passionate crowds.

The World Cup 2014 is about to kick off. For 30 days, the eyes of the entire planet will be turned to the 12 stadiums that will receive the 64 matches of Brazil’s second World Cup.

The first one happens this Thursday (12 June), when Brazil faces Croatia in the Corinthians Arena in Itaquera, in the East Zone (“Zona Leste”) of São Paulo.

The opening ceremony begins a little before the match, at 3 PM, and the gates will open at 1 PM.

Football Cup 2014FIFA World Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony:
The “New Corinthians Stadium” in Sao Paulo has bee choosen to host the opening ceremony which is promising to be one the biggest showpiece curtain raiser in the recently history.

What to Expect in World Cup Opening Ceremony:
More than 600 dancers, gymnasts, trampolinists will be performing with a giant “light-emitting diode” ball. Since the ceremony is in the daylight we wont get any fireworks.

Brazilian Martial Arts called “capoeira” will be performed which is a combination of acrobatics, Dance, Music and fighting styles.

While couple of high profile stars will be performing in the opening ceremony.

Jennifer Lopez will be performing at the opening ceremony according to her representitives. Earlier reports suggested that she is backing off from the event. all is well if end is well!

JLO, Pitbull and local brazilian singer Claudia Leitte combined to produce the official FIFA World CUp song called “We Are One (Ole Ola)” and now we can confirm that all three of the stars will be performing together on the world stage with live performance of official song as well as individual performances.

World Football Cup 2014:


Pasaules kausa izcīņa futbolā 2014.

Pasaules kausa izcīņa futbolā 2014.

Pasaules kausa izcīņa futbolā 2014.

Pasaules kausa izcīņa futbolā 2014.

This is only the second time in history that the South American nation is hosting the Soccer World Cup.

As per schedule the program will begin with a thrilling opening ceremony on 12th June at Itaquera stadium in Pacaembu and will conclude with an equally vibrant closing ceremony on 13th July at the Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho Stadium, better known as Estadio do Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro city.

The Closing Ceremony is also expected to witness some high profile performers from around the globe coupled with thrilling fireworks and much more.

World Football Cup 2014

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