World Usability Day

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Usability Day…

Ten years ago Elizabeth Rosenzweig decided the message needed to be spread that improvements in product, process and technology design were achievable by applying some common principles into the design process.

In order to communicate that message she founded World Usability Day.

2015 is the Ten Year Anniversary for World Usability Day. 

During the last 10 years, over 25,000 people have been a part of our initiative to share the important message that people matter, that technology should help people improve and enjoy their lives.

The social media enables billions of people to participate in online social activities, either as a reader, contributor, collaborator or leader. This raises several issues in designing for social media.

First, what motivates technology-mediated social participation?

Second, how to search for information in social media?

Third, how to measure the usability of social media?

Ensuring usability encompasses all facets of education, health, government, communication, privacy, security and entertainment.

Noting the need for technology to become more affordable and available, as well as accessible by those with disabilities, the World Usability Day charter asks for technology to better serve citizens and increase participation in the civic experience.

Or technical humor to World Usability Day :

Usability Day



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