You can even shave with this phone.

Razors phone….Cool 758.
Here comes the razor phone, but don’t be mistaken that it’s another cellphone that belongs to the Motorola RAZR series. It’s just a funny cellphone that comes with a razor at the bottom, so you can use it to shave your beard and mustache every morning.

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The razor phone is codenamed Cool 758, has a built-in electric shaver at the bottom. It’s a super handy one for frequent travelers who always forget to bring along their shaver. And of course, it allows you to make calls.
It features a 2.6-inch screen, a 0.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, MP3 and FM Tuner. It also supports dual SIM card which is commonly seen with other Chinese phone. It supports the GSM900/1800MHz networks.

humor – to phone razors…

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